Katsaros Tsipouro

The Katsaros family produces Ouzo for 150 years, using the experience of four generations of a secret tradition handed down from generation to generation.

The product has been awarded in many European reports demonstrating high quality.

Ouzo & Tsipouro

The production of such a privileged Greek drinks, which have been identified with the Greek soul, hospitality, sea and the Greek way of life is an art arduous and challenging.

The art of distillation hides the agony and great expectations ...

Katsaros Tsipouro 84 pf
Tsipouro Katsaros is produced mainly from the variety of grapes called “moschato” of which our area is renowned for. The secret blend of seeds and herbs, give each tsipouro its distinct taste and characteristic aroma. Its unique fine aroma and its rich natural taste flows from the “marriage” during