Kentucky Owl

Kentucky Owl Batch #2 Rye 11 year 110.6 proof
• In 1879, there stood a distillery that produced Kentucky Owl founded by C.M. Dedman, an orphan adopted by a judge who gifted it to him as a wedding present. • Dedman operated Kentucky Owl until 1916, when state government swooped in and spirited away all of Dedman’s stock, some 250,000 gallons in
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Kentucky Owl Batch #8 Bourbon 750ml
This is the biggest, boldest, most robust release of Kentucky Owl to date. The nose has apple, cinnamon, warm cobbler crust, nutmeg, caramel, vanilla pudding pop, red pepper, spiced apple cider and cinnamon. Palate is a constant battle between sweet, rich, creamy & spice. The mouthfeel is strong,

Kentucky Owl 'Edition 1' Rye 11year 110.6proof
“This unique offering is produced from a collection of barrels blended and brought to proof to accentuate both the delicate profile and the full-flavored body of the whiskey. Master Blender, Dixon Dedman, crafted the small batch rye with the same passion and high quality that goes into his family’s