Long Island Spirits, founded in 2007, is the first craft distillery since the 1800's located on Long Island, in Baiting Hollow, NY. The distillery is home of LiV Vodka, and is surrounded by 5,000 acres of potato farms, in the heart of the acclaimed wine region on the North Fork of Long Island. Long Island Spirits is uniquely a farm-to-bottle hand craft distiller operation.
After sourcing the potatoes, the artisan distillers mash and ferment them, before distilling the wash through the twin, 650-liter custom-made copper pot stills equipped with 30-foot tall rectification distillation columns. Each batch is distilled three times over, before removing the heads and tails from the distillate and bringing the hearts to proof with water sourced from an aquifer beneath the 100,000-acre Pine Barrens Forest Preserve.

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LIV 1.0L Potato Vodka
"Hand crafted in Long Islands first craft distillery since the 1800s, LiV [rhymes with 5] is a world-class spirit offering a smooth flavor capturing the imbibers attention with an exceptional taste profile. One of a handful of Ultra Premium Vodkas that is small batch distilled from potatoes
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LIV Sorbetta Lime Liqueur 60poof
Sorbetta Liqueurs are extremely unique in quality and achieve an uncompromising taste profile by combining the freshest ingredients withe the spirits from LiV Vodka. LiV Vodka us Ultra Premium artisanal vodka that is small batch distilled from 100% Long Island potatoes. Sorbetta Lime is specially
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LIV Ristretto Espresso Vodka 80proof
LiV Ristretto Espresso Vodka is crafted by delicately blending LiV Original Vodka with all natural barista selected Espresso. This is a very special type of Espresso flavored vodka that is hand-crafted to be bolder and fuller, with more body and less bitterness, just like an old world traditional

LIV Sorbetta Orange Liqueur 60poof
A brilliant orange blossom nose. Delicious orange decadence that quickly fills the mouth with crisp, clean, zesty flavor. Extremely well balanced with an authentically fresh squeezed smooth finish