Novo Fogo

When you sip our cachaças, you taste the rainforest and the terroir of our tropical environment. Our distillery is in the heart of Brazil's coastal rainforest, Floresta Atlântica. Designated by UNESCO as the world's second-largest Biosphere Reserve for its animal and plant diversity, the Atlantic Rainforest is our love, our passion, our project, and our home.

Upwards, you see mountains and clouds. Downwards, you see ocean and islands. Such is the magic of the Serra do Mar range, which stretches from way up in the state of Espiríto Santo to the state of Santa Catarina below us. Our distillery and organic sugarcane plantation are located at the base of this coastal mountain range, in the middle of the largest protected patch of Atlantic Rainforest anywhere in Brazil.

The pristine nature around our distillery inspires us to make delicious organic cachaça and to take a moment to appreciate a vida mais simples™, the simpler life. The distillery's location is magical: the mountain air is fresh and sweet, carrying the scents of rainforest flowers, banana and lime trees, and the salty sea breeze. There's no pollution here, and thanks to this natural wonder, we may just have possibly the cleanest, best-tasting sugarcane on the planet.

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Novo Fogo 'Silver Cachaca Silver Cachaca Rum 750ml
90  Wine Enthusiast 
Wine Enthusiast 90 "Brazil -Novo Fogo Organic Silver Cachaca is distilled from estate sugarcane and rested for one year at a zero-waste distillery in Brazil's Atlantic Rainforest. Banana and floral aromas blend with notes of sea salt and chocolate for a tropical experience!"  The Product Made
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