Peligroso Tequila

After countless trips chasing swells, surfers Keith Ross and Bruce Beach set out to create a drink that embodied memories made on the dusty roads and beaches of Baja. Made the traditional way in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico Peligroso® is that drink.

Inspired by the pursuit of big breaks and good times south of SoCal, Peligroso® is crafted for those who seek a life traveled off the beaten path. For those who make their own rules. Those who push to live every moment to the fullest. For those hell bent on fully experiencing the ride. For those born to rattle the cage.

Peligroso 'Anejo' 750ml 80prf
" This is what Anejos aspire to be. Aged for 12-18 months, this ultra premium Anejo is full of agave. The finish provides silky layers of macadamia nut, oak pumpkin and spice."~ Distillery notes

Peligroso 'Reposado' 750ml 80prf
" Aged in American Oak whiskey barrels, Peligroso Reposado delivers a golden color and a spicy fruit finish. This 100% Blue Weber Agave tequila shines when sipped on the rocks or served up in a post surf session margarita. " ~ Distillery notes

Peligroso 'Silver' 750ml
" 100% Blue Weber Agave. Subtle and smooth earthy agave aroma and taste with a Hinton fruit and white pepper on the finish. Clean and light on the palate. " ~ Distillery notes

Peligroso 'Cinnamon' 750ml
" Among the worlds finest cinnamon liqueurs, with a distinct flavor profile described aswarm and savory with spicy aromas and a light finish that leaves some sweet heat on the palate. " ~ Distillery notes