Penderyn Welsh

Penderyn 'Legend' Welsh Single Malt Whiskey 86proof
"Penderyn is Wales' only single malt whisky, produced at a rate of just one cask per day at one of the smallest distilleries in the world. Aur Cymru, translating to 'Welsh Gold' is an apt name for this small-production spirit. After distillation, this whisky is first aged in American oak Bourbon
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Penderyn 'Madeira Cask' Gold Series Single Malt
Tasting Notes This whisky is the original Penderyn ‘house style’, aged in ex-bourbon barrels and finished in ex-Madeira wine casks to bring out its full, golden character. It is bottled at 46% abv.  Nose: A classic freshness with aromas of cream toffee, rich fruit and raisins.  Palate: Crisp
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