Pierre Ferrand

Pierre Ferrand cognacs owe their personality to more than just terroir, grapes, distillation, casks or slow aging. They also derive their distinctive character from the subtle and precise art of blending. At Logis d'Angeac, five generations of cellar masters have passed on their accumulated knowledge to their successors. Blending is highly skilled work. It takes years of practice and a great deal of talent and intuition before the blender is able to choose the spirits that will best complement each other and come together in perfect harmony to create an incomparable cognac.

Pierre Ferrand 'Grand' Cognac 750ml
" The color: orange gold. The nose: aromatic delicious especially with fruit (orange, citrus and slightly apricot), vanilla, something oak, something sweet. The taste: well rounded and deliciously fruity (citrus and apricots), honey, vanilla and oak. Delicious Cognac for a refreshing summer
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