Pike Creek

Pike Creek is a whisky crafted by the elements. Pike Creek is double distilled in column still and aged in a non-climate controlled warehouse with no electricity. Once in the barrel, Pike Creek whisky is subject to the dramatic northern climate and extreme seasonal swings in temperature. Exposed to the sub-zero winters and hot summers of Ontario, the barrels contract and expand releasing the rich tannins and vanilla notes hidden deep inside the oak staves. Understanding that the maturation of whisky is an art, as much as a science, wood is the most essential element in the production of Pike Creek. Pike Creek is aged 10 years, then finished in rum casks. With the surrounding environment playing such a pivotal role in its production, Pike Creek is redefining the category of Canadian whisky as we know it. Master Blender Dr. Don Livermore ensures that the high-quality standards of Pike Creek are achieved from grain to glass. An extraordinarily full and robust whisky with fragrant nose of dried fruits and underlying notes of spice and toffee

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Pike Creek Canadian 10yr 750ml 84prf
Pike Creek Rests for 10 years in white oak barrels, exposed to the sever temperature swings of the Canadian climate. These unique conditions dramatically increase interaction between wood and whisky. Finishing in rum barrels imparts rich aromas with hints of molasses and brown sugar  Nose-
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