Pitu Cachaca

Founded in 1938, Engarrafamento Pitú is one of the oldest and most traditional beverage companies from Brazil. The name Pitú was chosen by the founders of the company in honor of the Riacho Pitú, a stream which irrigates the sugar cane plantations in the region of Vitória de Santo Antão. This is a place of where sun, beach and happiness are found all year round, making Pitú the only Brazilian Cachaça with a true tropical spirit and flavor.

Today, Pitú has a reputation of the highest quality and is the most exported Cachaça in Brazil. This is fueled in part by the growing craze for the delicious Caipirinha, the national cocktail of Brazil, made with the addition of sugar, ice and fresh lime. Originally known as the peasant's drink, it found its way into the capital cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, and from there to the most stylish bars and restaurants all over the world.

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Pitu Cachaca 1.0L
"It is crystal clear in color, with unique fruity and floral aromas, originated from the fresh sugar cane juice. These enticing aromas are said to be the result of sugar-cane grown in massape soil (typical from the state of Pernambuco, located at the northeast region of Brazil, birthplace of the
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Pitu Gold Rum 1.0L
"A premium Cachaca (sugarcane spirit) 100% matured on oak casks to standards that assure the distinctive taste of the world's finest spirits." ~Distillery Notes