Poli Distillery

"The secret to distilling a great Grappa is simple: you just need fresh pomace and a hundred years of experience!"

Since 1898 the Poli family has been operating their artisanal grappa distillery located near Bassano del Grappa, in the heart of the Veneto. Today, fourth-generation Jacopo Poli has elevated grappa production to an art form. Selecting only the freshest grape pomace from some of the best winemakers in Italy, he uses a traditional copper pot still - in operation for more than a century! Jacopo works very closely with these producers during harvest and never accepts more grape pomace than can be immediately processed. This attention to detail has resulted in grappas with exceptional fruit character and unparalleled elegance.

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Lamponi di Poli Raspberry
"Lamponi di Poli is a fruit brandy made from raspberries of the Carnia area, which is an agricultural paradise in the mountainous region of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia. Originally from Mount Ida in Asia Minor, these wild raspberries are deep, dark red and rich in fragrance. The raspberries are fermented
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Po di Poli 'Pinot' 80prf Elegante Grappa
A young grappa made from the marc of the Pinot Noir & Pinot Blanc grapes. Aromas of dried flowers, hay, juniper. On the mouth it is soft, fine and velvety.
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Po di Poli 'Moscato' 80prf Morbida Smooth
"Po' Moscato di Poli is made from the freshest pomace from Moscato Bianco grapes grown in the Euganei hills in the Veneto region. This aromatic grape variety gives a distinct, intensely aromatic character to the final product. The pomace is processed immediately upon arrival to the distillery. Po'
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Po di Poli 'Sarpa' 80prf 750ml Grappa
100  Wine Enthusiast 
Wine Enthusiast 96-100 "Sarpa” means “pomace.” The piercing ripeness of the opening aroma is more astringent and sap-like than fruity or ripe; it ends up being a rugged, musty, traditional bouquet of grape skins, pulp and seeds. In a startling turn away from the bouquet’s direction, the taste is
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Po di Poli 'Merlot' 80prf Grappa di Merlot
"Po' Merlot di Poli is made from the freshest pomace from Merlot grapes grown in the hills surrounding Breganze in the Veneto region, which has been grown in this region since the late 19th century. Merlot is prized for its plentiful fruit production and perfect maturation even in difficult years

Po di Poli 'Traminer' 80prf Aromatica
"Po' Traminer di Poli is made from the freshest pomace from Gewurztraminer grapes grown in South Tyrol region of Trentino-Alto Adige. The grappas made from Gewurztraminer are every bit as charismatic as the wines. Po' Traminer di Poli is a single-varietal grappa marked by classic aromas of balsamic

Poli Miele
Honey, mixed with water and left to ferment, gave rise to the oldest alcoholic beverage produced by man. In ancient times, this digestive was used to enliven ancient wedding banquets that lasted an entire lunar cycle: hence the term honeymoon, still in use today. Continuing the tradition, Poli's