Taconic Distillery

Taconic Distillery, established in 2013, is a purveyor of fine craft spirits located in the Hudson Valley of New York. We handcraft our award-winning bourbon and rye whiskies in small batches using the finest ingredients, including grains grown in New York and natural spring water from our farm.

Inspired by hunting and fishing, Taconic embraces a passion for the outdoors and that passion is imprinted on all our spirits.

All of our spirits are brilliant for simple sipping. They also make excellent traditional and signature cocktails.

We are proud members of the American Distilling Institute, the American Craft Spirits Association and the New York Distillers Guild.

To preserve the complete flavor of our whiskey, we do not chill filter.

Whiskey is distilled at below 160 proof to retain more of the flavor from the grains it was made from. Those flavors are transferred through the distilling process as fatty molecules (flavor oils). Some distillers will sacrifice a certain amount of flavor for clarity at this point, and chill filter their whiskies to remove some of these fatty molecules. They get a clear whiskey, but remove some of the flavor. Taconic does not chill filter, so sometimes our whiskey may show some "cloudiness". This does not mean the whiskey is flawed. On the contrary, it is proof we have imparted as much flavor to the whiskey as possible.

Aging occurs in cycles. On hot summer days, the whiskey expands through the char, through the red layer, and into the well-dried but otherwise untreated wood beneath. While in the wood, the whiskey dissolves various delicious compounds. In the cool of the evening, the liquid contracts and brings all of the dissolved wood goodies out with it, where they begin to flavor the body of the whiskey.

The char layer reacts with and either traps or softens any bad congeners that remain in the spirit, taming them and rendering them either innocuous or tasty.

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Taconic Distillery 'Cabernet Cask' Bourbon 750ml
The taste hits you right at the front of your tongue with notes of caramel, oak, bananas foster and vanilla, The finish is full-on cabernet and the heat is much warmer than you think a 90 proof bourbon would deliver.
Item Number: 28492
Case: $269.94

Taconic Distillery 'Dutchess Private Reserve' Bourbon 750ml
Taconic Distillery’s Dutchess Private Reserve is crafted in small batches using only the finest ingredients including natural spring water from Rolling Hills Farm, located in historic Hudson Valley, New York. Described as subtle and sophisticated. A beautiful bouquet of spice and honey with gentle
Item Number: 27391
Case: $221.94
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