Vecchia Romagna

Vecchia Romagna Etichetta Nera, or Black Label, Brandy is a luscious Brandy from Italy distilled from Trebbiano grapes. Aged in small oak casks for a total of 3 years, Vecchia Romagna is light on the palate, but with deep and concentrated flavours to deliver a truly refined drinking experience. Suited wonderfully to after dinner alongside a great espresso coffee.

Vecchia Romagna 10yr Rsv 750ml 'Blue Label' Brandy
"Sparkling amber in color. Rich, ethereal nose with a hint of vanilla that blends well with the scent of the aldehydes and other components form in the course of aging. Smooth and full-bodied thanks to the perfect mix of spirits with a fruity tone blended with vanilla and wood."~Producer Notes
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Vecchia Romagna 80prf 750ml Etichetta Nera
"Distilled from prized grapes, Vecchia Romagna Black Label is an unmistakable brandy. Long aging partly in small oaken casks and the recipe of an expert give it a strong, dry taste, an aromatic, complex fragrance, and a warm, intense color. It is known and appreciated the world over for its finest
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