Vermont Spirits

Vermont Spirits 'Gold' 750ml
Vermont Gold Vodka is pure, delicate, unflavored vodka, handmade in small batches from the sugar of maple sap, the very essence of Vermont. Each spring in New England, freezing nights and warm sunny days allow the mature maple trees to pump out the sugar which has been converted from starch and

Vermont Spirits 'Coppers' 750m
" Named in honor of the colonial penny of Vermont, Coppers Gin is a truly American-style gin made with foraged wild Vermont juniper berries. Cardamom, cassia, angelica, coriander and orange peel round out the botanical mix for a gin that is versatile and classic. ~ Distillery notes

Vermont Spirits No.14 750ml 90prf
" Named in honor of Vermont, the 14th State, No. 14 Bourbon unites two American Classics…Bourbon Whiskey and Vermont Maple Syrup.   The strength of the 5 year-old Bourbon is softened by the maple syrup. No. 14 is smooth with a warm finish and a hint of sweetness, and is perfect on its own or in a