Brinley 'ShipWreck' Coffee Rum 750ml
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This is a liquor imageBrinley 'ShipWreck' Coffee Rum 750ml

Blended with natural Brazilian coffee. Defined by notes of butterscotch, toasted marshmallow, and toffee.
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Blended with natural Brazilian coffee. Defined by notes of butterscotch, toasted marshmallow, and toffee.


ShipwreckBrinley Gold Shipwreck Rum is hand crafted on the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Kitts. Our mission is simple – to make the best tasting flavored rum in the world. We blend only the finest ingredients into our award-winning rums – White Reserve, Shipwreck Spiced, Vanilla, Coffee, Mango and Coconut.

The family business began on the island of St. Kitts in 1986 by Bob Brinley, who now serves as chairman of Brinley Gold Rum.

In 2002, Zach Brinley, Bob's son, traded his job on Wall Street to become president of the new rum company. His mission was to create the smoothest flavored rum in the world. Brinley Gold Rum blended and marketed its first batch of vanilla rum and started selling on the island that very same year.

From the very beginning, the entire Brinley family knew they had produced something very special and dove into the United States marketplace personally, sometimes selling store-to-store, bar-to-bar and offering free tastes at every possible opportunity. In 2005, Opici, a well-known and established New York / New Jersey distributor was the first to pick up the brand and helping the company grow tremendously over the next six years.

In 2011, after years in the making, the company launched Brinley Shipwreck Spiced Rum, a four-year-old aged rum with natural vanilla, nutmeg, orange, clove and exotic island spices. The recipe is dedicated to an actual British troop ship that sunk off the St. Kitts' coast in 1782. Shipwreck Spiced as well as all the flavored rums continue to convert even traditional non-rum drinkers into die-hard fans.


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Tried something new, not bad at all

"I picked up a bottle of this Coffee Rum to try. And to put into some strong java after dinner when friends are over. Was pleased with this product, might have to grab another bottle around the holidays! :)"

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