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Brockmans Gin 750ml

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Brockmans Gin 750ml

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Brockmans Premium Gin is like no other gin! It stands proudly alone from the many other types of gin due to the unique recipe of exquisite botanicals and the patient steeping distillation process.

To make Brockmans, exquisite botanicals are sourced from all over the world. These include some typical ingredients such as angelica from Saxony, Bulgarian coriander and juniper berries from Tuscany. The more traditional notes of gin are combined with a refreshing influence of citrus and aromatic wild berry. This creates an intensely smooth gin with a beautifully crafted taste that is sensual and daringly different.

Creating Brockmans required the different skills of a group of very experienced and devoted friends. What brought them all together was an enduring fascination with this exciting and exotic spirit. Their combined knowledge of gin history, and the subtle nuances of different styles of gin and distillation proved invaluable as they set out to create a gin that was completely new and original. The one aim was to create a gin Like No Other; one that was so intensely smooth and delicious you would happily drink it neat over ice.

Honing the intricate balance of botanicals took time as they explored the vast array of complex flavours and taste combinations. It was a jointly funded passion where quality was never sacrificed and the finest botanicals were sourced from around the world. Hundreds of different recipes were tried before they arrived at the sensual, intensely smooth Brockmans taste experience.

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Bottles per case: 6

Type: Gin

Brand: Brockmans

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