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Bruichladdich 'Port Charlotte' The Peat Project Scotch
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Bruichladdich 'Port Charlotte' The Peat Project Scotch

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" What would happen if we used our Tall, long-necked Victorian stills to produce a heavily-peated Spirit?
The Floral Elegance of Bruichladdich and heavy peat- could it work? You will judge the results of this fascinating and ongoing mission for yourselves.
Nose- A Peat smokiness with vanilla sweetness, followed by spicy black pepper and lemon spiciness, then little wavelets of saltiness, waiting patiently to emerge nutmeg, cinnamon, wild mint and the malty sweetness of spring barley.
Palate- Brilliant ... read more
Item ID: #12600
Size: 750mL (liquor)