Burnett's 1.0L
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Size: 1L (liquor)

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Burnett'sBurnett's Vodka uses an uncompromising production process of quadruple distillation and triple charcoal filtering for superior smoothness. This proprietary process makes Burnett's one of the purest Vodkas on the market. Burnett's Vodka, available in both 80 and 100 proof, offers exceptional mixability for a wide variety of cocktails. Burnett's Vodka is one of the most popular Vodkas in the country. Since 2000, the brand has grown to become one of the largest selling Vodkas.


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"For the price point, it is an excellent gin for the G n T lovers."


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Mild flavor, excellent price

"I'm not a fan of gins with the extreme herbal juniper flavors. If you are, ignore this review. I prefer the more balanced taste of Plymouth gin. It tastes great in any cocktail, especially martinis. Unfortunately Plymouth gin does not fit my rather large liquor budget. Burnett's gin has a similar balanced flavor and you can't beat the price. Try this martini: 2 oz Burnett's or Plymouth gin and a few drops of SWEET vermouth."


Superior Smooth Gin

"Excellent gin at a very reasonable price."


Burnett's Gin

"Good, straight laced, no nonsense London dry gin. And at very good price. Beats the other medium priced gins by a mile. Although I admit, Old Raj is still the best gin on the market today."


Great tasting not bitter

"Great price"

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