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Campari Apertivo 1.0L 48prf Sample Image Only
Campari Apertivo 1.0L 48prf
$42.12 $35.99
"Complex blend of herbs and spices with orange as the predominant flavor." ~ Distillery notes
Shelf Location — 25c

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Size: 1L (liquor)
Alcohol by vol: 24%
Store Item ID: #804
Location at store: 25c
Item Description
"Complex blend of herbs and spices with orange as the predominant flavor." ~ Distillery notes
About Campari Group
Bold, passionate and completely unique, Campari makes a dry and refreshing cocktail that can be enjoyed anytime. Hand-crafted according to the same secret family recipe invented in Italy in 1860, Campari is a complex blend of herbs and spices with orange as the predominant flavor. Campari is a one-of-a-kind, refreshing spirit that can be enjoyed in both classic and contemporary cocktails, including the world-famous Negroni.

Campari is owned by Gruppo Campari
Campari Group
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Aperol, Campari, Espolon, Grand Marnier, SKYY and Wild Turkey
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"The reason I wouldn't recommend it to a friend is that it has a very distinct, medicinal taste to most people. I Would let them try mine first. I Personally love it, either on ice, or with a little lemon lime soda and a squirter of lime juice."
Posted byDonna on Dec 31, 2022Verified Purchase
"Most of my friends are Italian and we all have enjoyed drinking Campari for over 40 years. I know that some people find it to be too bitter at first. However, after sipping it for a while, its inherent seetness comes through."
Posted byKevin on Dec 8, 2021Verified Purchase
Posted byCraig on Aug 5, 2021Verified Purchase
Posted byJohn on Nov 25, 2020Verified Purchase
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