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HW Blackberry Brandy 70proof 375mlSample Image Only
HW Blackberry Brandy 70proof 375ml
1 bottle
$8.99 / ea
4 cases
$6.99 / ea
" Hiram Walker Blackberry Brandy is smooth and delicious with a deep berry taste." ~ Distillery notes
this is a 375mL (liquor) which is smaller than a regular 750mL bottle.
Extra processing time (2-4 days) required

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Item Description
" Hiram Walker Blackberry Brandy is smooth and delicious with a deep berry taste." ~ Distillery notes
About Hiram Walker
Hiram Walker® produces one of the broadest portfolios of Liqueurs in the world - 43 distinct and naturally delicious products from contemporary Schnapps to classic Brandies. Hiram Walker Liqueurs are made using only the best all natural ingredients — making them must-haves for anyone who takes cocktails seriously.

Hiram Walker started producing spirits in 1858, and he pioneered numerous distillation and manufacturing processes that are now industry standards. For example, Hiram Walker was one of the first alcohol producers to begin placing labels on his bottles.

In 1857, Hiram began to extend his grain business into more areas throughout the United States and Canada.[45] Hiram began purchasing land on the Canadian side of the Detroit River, in what is now Windsor, Ontario.[46] This land was originally considered part of the Labdie farm.[47] He began his distillery operation in Windsor, in 1858.[48] He was considered one of the largest landowners in Ontario, and over his entire lifetime, his land possessions measured around 10,000 acre, most of which along the Walkerville and Detroit River Railroad.[49] The location of Hiram's property was extremely valuable because the Great Western Railway was in close proximity and enabled Walker to move products from his distillery and cattle yards.[50]
Hiram Walker
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