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Old Grand Dad 100proof 1.75LSample Image Only
Old Grand Dad 100proof 1.75L
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About Old Grand Dad
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The price makes it nice
"Corn and oak sweet balanced with rye spice? CHECK. No watery mouthfeel from an overly watered down liquor? CHECKPleasant aroma, taste, and aftertaste from a sufficient aging process? CHECK Side by side with any other American whiskey of similar price point, this easily wins! If anyone ever complains about this not being a "fine bourbon", they could be polite enough to admit that they could always spend 20 to 30 dollars more to achieve a superior whiskey."
Posted byJonathan on Jan 10, 2022Verified Purchase
private review
Posted bycustomer on Mar 1, 2021Verified Purchase
Old Grand Dad 100 BiB
"For the price you can't get any better. A very smooth bottled in bond bourbon."
Posted byJan on Feb 1, 2018Verified Purchase
great mixer, great price!
"OGD Bonded (formerly Bottled in Bond) is a reliable favorite for me - the high rye content is a little much for me to enjoy on its own, but is perfect when paired with Reed's Extra Ginger Beer. the price is fantastic too. I do miss the old bottle with the orange plastic screw top; the cork is a little aspirational but not surprising based on the market."
Posted byKirby on May 5, 2016Verified Purchase
Great for cocktails
"Using a 100 proof bourbon in cocktails is my new favorite way to cut down the sweetness. This will make your drink stronger yet still keep it balanced"
Posted byEric on Oct 10, 2020Verified Purchase
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