Type: Brandy & Grappa  Brand: Stock

Stock 84 VSOP 1.0L

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Item Number: 12114
Stock 84 VSOP 1.0L

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Item Number: 12114
"Stock 84 is the product of patience, hard work and skill. Its beautiful amber colour, full-bodied bouquet with subtle shades of scent, and the poise of a delicate aroma are the result of an arduous endeavour. It is distilled twice to bring out the best of flavour and the full aroma of the grapes. Only select portions of the distilled product are kept and transferred to oak casks for ageing. The brandy is periodically tasted to ensure it is acquiring the proper flavour from the wood, the unmistakable warm amber colour and the subtle taste and fragrance which characterise the finished product." ~ Distillery notes

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Bottles per case: 12

Type: Brandy & Grappa

Brand: Stock

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