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Vesica 'Potato' 80prf  50ml Sample Image Only
Vesica 'Potato' 80prf 50ml
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Size: 50mL (plastic)
Store Item ID: #8849
Item Description
About Vesica
Vesica is a 3 times column distilled Potato vodka. 3 times filtered thorugh a revolutionary activated carbon process at first removing all impurities and then adding water for balance before finally going through a state-of-the-art cermaic candle process to give clarity to the vodka. 100% gluten-free as strictly distilled from potatoes; not a grain base for those with grain alergies (celiac disease)
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"Love the very mild flavor and mixes well."
Posted byRobin on Apr 20, 2021Verified Purchase
Posted byAlan on Nov 30, 2020Verified Purchase
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