Type: Bourbon  Brand: Woodford

Woodford Reserve Bourbon 50ml

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Item Number: 8317
Woodford Reserve Bourbon 50ml

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Item Number: 8317

Customer Reviews

5/5 stars
Very smooth!
Posted by  on 6/4/19  [Verified]
5/5 stars
Great - As expected, beautifully engraved and of course a great bottle of bourbon!Thanks Empire!
Posted by  on 7/19/18  [Verified]
5/5 stars
Best Bourbon - This is the best bourbon I have ever had!
Posted by  on 2/16/18
5/5 stars
A fav - I must admit, this is another one of my (average priced) favorites!
Posted by  on 7/3/17
5/5 stars
Posted by  on 8/19/16  [Verified]
5/5 stars
James - My favorite bourbon!The only one I purchase these days
Posted by  on 4/22/15  [Verified]
4/5 stars
This is The "Standard" - If you could only have one bourbon in your cabinet, THIS should be it. Woodford has everything you look for in a good bourbon. The first thing that hits you is the nose - and it doesn't disappoint the mouth. Spicy, great balance, nice medium finish, and virtually no bite.
Posted by  on 3/4/18
4/5 stars
Woodford Reserve - One of my favorite bourbons. I prefer Irish Whiskeys above all others, but this is a very fine American bourbon.
Posted by  on 3/22/12

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Bottles per case: 48

Type: Bourbon

Brand: Woodford

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