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McManis Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 image

McManis Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

$8.95 $11.74

75cUnited StatesCalifornia

"Dark garnet in color with a bouquet that is full of dark berry fruit, such as Blueberry, Blackberry and Black Cherry. The round, creamy wine

McManis Merlot 2017 image

McManis Merlot 2017

$8.95 $11.74

3bUnited StatesCalifornia

“The 2017 McManis Family Vineyards Merlot is medium-ruby in color and abundantly fruit-forward. The wine opens with notes of blackberry, vanilla cream, and baking spices

McManis Petite Sirah 2017 image

McManis Petite Sirah 2017

$9.95 $12.80

5aUnited StatesCalifornia

California-" There's lots to like in this soft, simple Petite Sirah. It shows the variety's full-bodied tannins, and its flavors of blackberry and cherry jam

McManis Merlot 2016 image

McManis Merlot 2016

" Youthful bright purple hues highlight the medium ruby color of the 2016 McManis Family Vineyards Merlot. Fruit forward with pretty Blackberry aromas surround a

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McManis Petite Sirah 2016 image

McManis Petite Sirah 2016

" The 2016 offering of Petite Sirah from McManis Family Vineyards is vivid purple in color, with aromas of full toned Blackberry and Boysenberry. Caramel

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McManis Pinot Grigio 2012 image

McManis Pinot Grigio 2012

"Light straw in color, with aromas of Gooseberry, melon and lime. Flavors that would be expected from the scent of the wine are abundantly delivered

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McManis Chardonnay 2004 image

McManis Chardonnay 2004

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McManis Syrah 2005 image

McManis Syrah 2005

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McManis Petite Sirah 2006 image

McManis Petite Sirah 2006

"Dark purple in color, with a bright hue, it has a dense, jammy Boysenberry aroma, which is accompanied by a creamy vanilla and slightly

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McManis Petite Sirah 2014 image

McManis Petite Sirah 2014

"Deep purple in color with bright hues, the McManis Family Vineyards Petite Sirah is full of Boysenberry and Blueberry fruit aromas. Mocha notes contributed from

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McManis Pinot Noir 2011 image

McManis Pinot Noir 2011

" The McManis Family Vineyards offering of Pinot Noir is reminiscent of a light purple amethyst in color with a lustrous hue. Fresh Strawberry, Cherry

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McManis 3.0L Jack Tone Red 3.0L image

McManis 3.0L Jack Tone Red 3.0L

"Medium Garnet in color, the Jack Tone Vineyards Red Wine fills your olfactory sense with dark berry fruit and creamy soft Vanilla notes. Deeper contemplation

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McManis Family Vineyards Pinot Grigio image

McManis Family Vineyards Pinot Grigio

While the wine is crisp, there is a noticeable weight to it. The flavors anticipated by the olfactory senses are abundantly delivered. The finish has

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McManis Petite Sirah 2015 image

McManis Petite Sirah 2015

" The 2015 Petite Sirah is deep purple in color, with an exceptionally bright hue. The nose is filled with ripe blackberry, toffee and a

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