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Pendleton 'Canadian' 1.0L Whiskey 80proof image

Pendleton 'Canadian' 1.0L Whiskey 80proof

$25.99 $30.36


Pendleton Whisky is a brand of blended Canadian whisky, distilled in Canada and imported, bottled, and distributed by Hood River Distillers, Inc., of Hood River,

Pendleton '1910' Rye 750ml image

Pendleton '1910' Rye 750ml

$34.99 $39.95


" With 1910 Pendleton (based in Hood River, Oregon) takes its Canadian whisky upmarket, bottling this 100% rye after a lengthy 12 years in oak.

Pendleton Canadian Whiskey 1.75L image

Pendleton Canadian Whiskey 1.75L

$35.99 $42.11


" A blended Canadian whisky bottled in Oregon. Hood River Distillers' flagship whisky, named in honor of the local round-up and with a number of

Pendleton 'Midnight' Canadian Whiskey 750ml image

Pendleton 'Midnight' Canadian Whiskey 750ml


" Crafted with many of Pendleton Whisky’s tried and true ingredients, including pure, glacier-fed spring water from Oregon’s Mt. Hood, Pendleton Midnight thrills the senses

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