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Stobi Winery Zilavka 2018 image

Stobi Winery Zilavka 2018

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11cRepublic of MacedoniaRepublic of Macedonia

Complex tone with an intensity peculiar for the southern spirit, intertwined with gypsy melodies, on the road through warm sunny valleys and cold, endless mountains.

Stobi Winery Vranec 2012 image

Stobi Winery Vranec 2012

"This wine is made from the indigenous Macedonian grape variety Vranec in the heart of the Tikves wine region. The name Vranec means wild black

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Stobi Winery Zilavka 2013 image

Stobi Winery Zilavka 2013

" This wine is made from 100% Zilavka, an indigenous Macedonian varietal. While usually used as a blending varietal to add aromati s, Stobi Winery

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Stobi Winery Zilavka 2014 image

Stobi Winery Zilavka 2014

Fresh and complex aromatics show lively notes of citrus fruit and wildflowers. On the palate the wine is soft and crisp with pleasant minerality. Complex tone

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Stobi Winery Vranec 2013 image

Stobi Winery Vranec 2013

Powerful, strong and rich tones with the intensity and the uniqueness of the one-of-a-kind 7/8 rhythm, true masterpiece! Semi-dry wine with dark ruby color. Aroma

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