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Andre Brut image

Andre Brut

$5.95 $8.53

United StatesCalifornia

"André Brut - a classic Brut California Champagne. The term Brut refers to the dryness of the bubbles. Brut California Champagne being the driest tasting

Andre Extra Dry NV image

Andre Extra Dry NV

$5.45 $6.40

19aUnited StatesCalifornia

"A blend of varietal whites with a light touch of sweetness and light mouthfeel." - Winemaker

Andre Spumante NV image

Andre Spumante NV


19aUnited StatesCalifornia

"Andre Spumante is a fairly sweet sparkling wine dominated by the use of Moscato in the blend, giving the California sparkling a floral aroma with

Andre Blush image

Andre Blush

$7.99 $9.60

United StatesCalifornia

"This Blush is a pink sparkling wine is sweet with fruity aromas, palate-pleasing cranberry notes and a smooth finish. Fruity aromas - coupled with palate

Andre Cold Duck NV image

Andre Cold Duck NV

"A sweet combination of red and white wines blended with a soft concord base."

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