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Sibona Grappa 1.0L image

Sibona Grappa 1.0L

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$24.99 $29.25

18aItalyItaly » Roero

"The nose is soft and pleasantly intense with notes of fruit. The palate is Strong, balanced and full-bodied with a slight fruit tinge."

Sibona Amaro 1.0L image

Sibona Amaro 1.0L

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$24.99 $29.25

26eItalyItaly » Roero

"Sibona Amaro is from an ancient Piemontese recipe that consists of 34 herbs and other aromatic plants all slowly macerated for the infusion of the

Sibona Camomile Liqueur image

Sibona Camomile Liqueur

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$29.99 $34.65

18aItalyItaly » Piedmont

"A fine, unique, and sweet liqueur made with chamomile flowers infused in Grappa. A select chamomile infusion(created with dry chamomile flowers) is mixed with sugar

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