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Camus 'Borderies' VSOP 750ml image

Camus 'Borderies' VSOP 750ml

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" More fruit up front here, growing considerably as it gets some air to it. Cinnamon apple, apricots, even coconut and pineapple notes come across.

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Camus 'Borderies' XO 750ml Gift Set image

Camus 'Borderies' XO 750ml Gift Set

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" Creating CAMUS XO Elegance requires years of meticulous work. The process starts with the careful selection of different styles of hugely rich eaux-de-vie from

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Camus 'Elegance' VS 750ml image

Camus 'Elegance' VS 750ml

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FranceFrance » Cognac

" Elegance is the defining characteristic of all CAMUS Cognacs. CAMUS VS Elegance is a careful blend of eaux-de-vie made from wines distilled without lees. Its

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