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Coppersea Corn Whiskey image

Coppersea Corn Whiskey

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31fUnited StatesNew York » Hudson River Valley

Coppersea Corn Whisky is a throwback to an earlier era of American whisky making. Prior to the legal standardization of new charred oak barrels for

Coppersea New York Raw Rye 750ml image

Coppersea New York Raw Rye 750ml

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89 Wine Enthusiast "This debut offering from Hudson Valley's Coppersea, which employs “heritage method” distilling techniques, is surprisingly smooth and complex for an unaged whiskey. Distinct

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Coppersea Distilling Bourbon image

Coppersea Distilling Bourbon

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Coppersea 100 percent New York Excelsior Bourbon is the first whisky to be aged in barrels made from New York-harvested American white oak since prohibition,

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