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Baks Sliwowica Slivovitz image

Baks Sliwowica Slivovitz



" Sliwowica (slivovitz) has long been recognized as a top achievement of Polish alcohol-making craft. It is a strong (about 70% vol. or 140 proof)

Baks Bison Grass Vodka image

Baks Bison Grass Vodka

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“Infused with fragrant bison grass, this pale green-gold vodka has a candied lemon-zest character, with notes of coconut and lemongrass, and a sweetness that dominates

Bak's Krupnik Honey Liqueur 750ml image

Bak's Krupnik Honey Liqueur 750ml

"Pure golden yellow color. Aromas of spicy golden raisin cake, honeyed citrus peels, lightly medicinal herbs and pepper heat follow through on a silky entry

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