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Danzka Vodka 1.0L image

Danzka Vodka 1.0L

A delicate well balanced vodka, mild and pure with an incomparable rich taste. It serves as the perfect base in a cocktail or straight for

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Danzka Citrus Vodka 1.0L image

Danzka Citrus Vodka 1.0L

A delicate and mellow vodka with a balanced taste and a hint of citrus fruits. The intriguing DANZKA Citrus flavour comes from 100% natural ingredients

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Danzka Cranraz Vodka 1.0L image

Danzka Cranraz Vodka 1.0L

A wild sweetness of raspberry balanced by the more tart cranberry. The first vodka in the world with the intriguing combination of cranberry and raspberry

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Danzka Apple Vodka 1.0L image

Danzka Apple Vodka 1.0L


" DANZKA Apple has an outstanding fruitiness and freshness coming from Green Apple flavours. The intriguing flavour comes from 100% natural ingredients resulting in the

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