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MU Creamy Vanilla Latte 750ml image

MU Creamy Vanilla Latte 750ml


26bUnited StatesUnited States

" Mild, rich vanilla flavor make this creamy ready to drink cocktail the most versatile of the MU line up. Fantastic on its own, but

Mu Creamy Coco Cappuccino image

Mu Creamy Coco Cappuccino


26bUnited StatesUnited States

Inspired by the universal desire for chocolate, the creamy, slightly woody dark roast blend of cocoa, caramel and almond with its lingering sweet finish, make

MU Creamy Chocolate Chai image

MU Creamy Chocolate Chai

United StatesUnited States

Creamy chocolate Chai. Hints of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, peppercorns, creamy milk and a kiss of chocolate combine this in rich indulgence.

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MU Creamy Espresso image

MU Creamy Espresso

Mu Creamy Espresso covers all the important food groups- Creamy, espresso, coffee, milk, and cocktail. It has a rich, creamy texture that has you wanting

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