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Massenez Calvados image

Massenez Calvados

$47.99 $54.00


“G.E. Massenez Calvados Vieux , an apple brandy with a large apple inside the bottle. Like the proverbial ship in a flagon, we wondered how

Massenez Golden 8 Pear image

Massenez Golden 8 Pear

$34.99 $40.50


“G.E. Massenez has created a beautiful new Pear Williams Liqueur: Golden Eight. Golden Eight®, a divine Pear Liqueur enhanced by a more than 8-year-­old Pear Eau­-de­-Vie,

Massenez Creme De Gingembre image

Massenez Creme De Gingembre

$21.99 $25.20

34eFranceFrance » Alsace

“Exoticism that flatters your senses … incomparable intensity in MASSENEZ’s Ginger Cream. Strength and elegance characterize this Liquor… A nod to new trends, but above

Massenez Creme De Pomme Verte image

Massenez Creme De Pomme Verte

$21.99 $25.20

34eFranceFrance » Alsace

“MASSENEZ’s Green Apple Liqueur is very true to the original fruit. The freshness of apples, their sweetness and acidity stand out in this Liqueur. An

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