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Babe 'Sparkling' Pinot Grigio 4-187ml Cans image

Babe 'Sparkling' Pinot Grigio 4-187ml Cans

$10.95 $14.70

72bUnited StatesCalifornia

"A deliciously refreshing and fizzy, medium-bodied sparkling Pinot Grigio with clean touches of citrus, pear, melon and mineral." Winemaker's Notes

White Girl Rose NV image

White Girl Rose NV

$13.95 $16.79

61aUnited StatesCalifornia

" It’s super-crispy with a touch of citrus and sweet after-notes. It’s also bone-dry.” ~ Winery notes

Babe 'Sparkling' Rose 4-187ml Cans image

Babe 'Sparkling' Rose 4-187ml Cans

$10.95 $14.72

72bUnited StatesCalifornia

" A fun, fruity and fresh sparkling rosé from the makers of White Girl Wine. Get your picnic/party/outing going with these fun single-serving cans of

Babe 'Sparkling' Red 4-187ml Cans image

Babe 'Sparkling' Red 4-187ml Cans

$10.99 $14.72

United StatesCalifornia

Three of these cans of delicious bubbly Cabernet and Syrah blend is equivalent to one bottle of wine. This is a 4 pack.

White Girl Rose 2014 image

White Girl Rose 2014

"Last summer, in the Hamptons, there was a rosé shortage. People were running through the streets, screaming. There was not enough rosé. They were hoarding

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