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Whiplash Chardonnay 2017 image

Whiplash Chardonnay 2017

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10502eUnited StatesCalifornia

PLEASE NOTE:  this is a 720mL which is smaller than a regular 750mL bottle.

Winery Notes Aromas of juicy apricot, peach and melon combine with rich notes of warm chestnuts and toffee. With its balanced acidity, this Chardonnay is refreshing,

Whiplash Red Blend 2018 image

Whiplash Red Blend 2018

Item is a red wine image


United StatesCalifornia

Winery Notes Our Whiplash Red Blend is fruit-forward with warm, comforting aromas. Notes of blackberry, blueberry, dark cherry, pomegranate, and fig elegantly mingle with flavors

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Whiplash Red Blend 2016 image

Whiplash Red Blend 2016

Item is a red wine image

United StatesCalifornia

The Whiplash 2016 red wine has a lovely, dark cherry hue and opens with warm, comforting aromas. A fruit forward wine with dark cherry, fig and mixed berry pie

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