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Finlandia 80prf 1.75L image

Finlandia 80prf 1.75L



Wine Enthusiast 90 Best Buy "Bracing and sweet, look for spicy ginger, coriander and black pepper on the well-balanced finish. Made from barley. Best Buy." "If purity

Finlandia Grapefruit 1.0L Fusion image

Finlandia Grapefruit 1.0L Fusion

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Wine Enthusiast 98 "The fresh, citrusy, acidic, juicy, just-squeezed grapefruit is unbelievably attractive and genuine. The palate entry is engagingly juicy, tart and ripe; by

Finlandia Raspberry 1.0L Fusion image

Finlandia Raspberry 1.0L Fusion

$16.99 $19.01


"Finlandia Raspberry features a sweet blend of delectible berry flavors and premium Finlandia Vodka. The raspberry flavor and aroma are pleasant rather than overpowering, and

Finlandia Cranberry 1.0L Fusion image

Finlandia Cranberry 1.0L Fusion

"Nothing stands between the world's finest vodka and the crisp, natural taste of cranberry. You see, the cranberry is one of only a handful of

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Finlandia Tangerine 1.0L Fusion image

Finlandia Tangerine 1.0L Fusion


"Finlandia Tangerine Flavoured Vodka is inspired by the warmth and light of the Mediterranean sun. The sweet citrus aroma and taste of the fruit, artfully

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Finlandia Lime 1.0L Fusion image

Finlandia Lime 1.0L Fusion

Wine Enthusiast 90 "Despite a faint lime-lollipop scent, the flavor of this vodka tilted more toward lemon than lime, with perhaps a touch of lime-leaf essence.

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Finlandia Coconut 1.0L Fusion image

Finlandia Coconut 1.0L Fusion

"This coconut vodka is sweet, creamy, and buttery. Mix with your choice of tropical delight and be whisked away to your favorite beach holiday!

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