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Principato Pinot Grigio Chardonnay 1.5L image

Principato Pinot Grigio Chardonnay 1.5L

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"Grapes are harvested by hand, starting with Pinot Grigio in the first few days of September and followed a week later by the Chardonnay. After

Principato Pinot Noir image

Principato Pinot Noir

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Principato, meaning “Princely Realm” or principality, refers to northeast Italy’s Tre Venezie, a region embracing the majesty of the snow-capped Dolomite Alps and the picturesque

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Principato Rosso Rosso 1.5L image

Principato Rosso Rosso 1.5L

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"Grapes are harvested by hand during the first couple of weeks in October. The two varieties are then combined, after which they undergo a 12-

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Principato Cabernet/Merlot 1.5L image

Principato Cabernet/Merlot 1.5L

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ItalyItaly » Delle Venezie

"80% Cabernet Sauvignon; 20% Merlot. Bright ruby red. Redolent of red berries; well balanced, slightly spicy notes typical of Cabernet Sauvignon. Ample, full bodied, smooth,

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