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Almaden 'Chardonnay' Chardonnay 5.0L image

Almaden 'Chardonnay' Chardonnay 5.0L

$15.99 $23.49

105cUnited StatesCalifornia

"With its slightly buttery flavor with crisp, concentrated character of apple and pear, Almaden Chardonnay is the essential white wine." ~Winery Notes

Almaden 'Pinot Grigio' Pinot Grigio 5.0L image

Almaden 'Pinot Grigio' Pinot Grigio 5.0L

$16.99 $23.49

105bUnited StatesCalifornia

" Crisp, refreshing, full-flavored. Aromas of tropical fruit, peach, pear and lemon zest lead to rich mineral notes and a clean finish." ~ Winery notes

Almaden 'Cabernet' Cabernet Sauvignon 5.0L image

Almaden 'Cabernet' Cabernet Sauvignon 5.0L

$15.99 $23.49

105cUnited StatesCalifornia

"Almaden's Cabernet Sauvignon is a rewardingly rich dark-red wine with robust character. Ideal with richer foods." ~Winery Notes

Almaden 'Merlot' Merlot 5.0L image

Almaden 'Merlot' Merlot 5.0L

$15.99 $23.47

105cUnited StatesCalifornia

"The Almaden Merlot is a soft drinking red wine; easy on the palate and a crowd-pleaser." ~ Winery Notes

Almaden 'Chablis' Mountain Chablis 5.0L image

Almaden 'Chablis' Mountain Chablis 5.0L

$16.99 $22.40

105bUnited StatesCalifornia

"Pure, enticing aromas of citrus and ripe apricot shine in this light-golden, perfectly balanced wine made for sheer enjoyment." ~Winery Notes

Almaden 'Rhine' Mountain Rhine 5.0L image

Almaden 'Rhine' Mountain Rhine 5.0L

$16.99 $23.49

105dUnited StatesCalifornia

"Food Pairing: pot roast with vegetables, baked potatoes with sour cream, baked or fried chicken and all American apple pie. " ~Winery Notes

Almaden 'Burgundy' Burgundy 5.0L image

Almaden 'Burgundy' Burgundy 5.0L

$16.99 $23.49

105aUnited StatesCalifornia

"A robust, full bodied red wine with a distinctly fruity character." ~Winery Notes

Almaden 'Moscato' Moscato 5.0L image

Almaden 'Moscato' Moscato 5.0L

$16.99 $23.49

105dUnited StatesCalifornia

" Delicate, yet full flavored. Fresh fruit flavors of guava and flavors of Bartlett pear are perfectly balanced with a refreshing acidity. " ~ Winery

Almaden 'Sangria' Red Sangria 5.0L image

Almaden 'Sangria' Red Sangria 5.0L

"A fruity red wine accented by fresh citrus flavors. Serve chilled or over ice." ~ Winery Notes

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Almaden 'Pinot Noir' Pinot Noir 5.0L image

Almaden 'Pinot Noir' Pinot Noir 5.0L

"Soft and elegant, bursting with fragrant fruit and spice character." ~ Winery Notes

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