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this is a 500mL which is smaller than a regular 750mL bottle.
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Extra processing time (2-4 days) required
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this is a 500mL which is smaller than a regular 750mL bottle.
$8.53 $6.99
this is a 500mL which is smaller than a regular 750mL bottle.
$8.53 $6.95
this is a 500mL which is smaller than a regular 750mL bottle.
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Extra processing time (2-4 days) required

Frequently Asked Questions About Can Wine

Does wine in a can taste metallic?

These days, most canned wine producers use aluminum containers lined with a water-based polymer, which prevents the wine from getting any metallic taste from the can.

What's the best wine in a can?

As much as with any bottled wine, the best-canned wine is the one you most enjoy. We find that wines with pure, bold flavors, fresh acidity, and a small touch of sweetness like Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and Rose are great options.

If you’re a Sauv-Blanc lover:

If you love Chardonnay:

When thinking of floral wines:

For Pinot Grigio fans:

If you’re willing to try something new:

If you feel like a red with your BBQ:

Does canned wine go bad?

Wine in a can does not go bad. The truth is that, like bag-in-box or pure everyday wines, canned wine is produced to be enjoyed young and fresh.

Is there sparkling wine in a can?

Sparkling wine in a can is one of our absolute favorite choices: crispy, fresh, and with a bit of fizz, these make the best summer drink! Check out our selection:

Is there Rose wine in a can?

Absolutely! The subtle aroma and freshness of Rose wines are held entirely in the can, allowing you to enjoy your favorite refreshing drink under the sun. Our favorites are:

Information About Can Wine

A trend that started back in 2004 with Francis Ford Coppola Winery producing Sofia Blanc de Blancs sparkling, canned wine has gradually broken down the foundation of an industry deeply rooted in traditional ways of consumption. It may have been a slow path, but in a modern context where consumers are totally used to screw caps and funny and colorful labels, wine in a can has arrived and is growing strong.

What are the benefits of canned wine?

There are a number of benefits to canned wine, which is currently enjoying increasing popularity in America.

Ecologic impact

Wine in a can lowers the carbon footprint by reducing weight and promoting more efficient recycling. Aluminum has far higher recycling rates than glass, and the carbon effect of shipping lighter containers is considerably less.


Wine in a can is easy and non-pretentious. Some consumers find joy in staying away from wine paraphernalia, and are becoming less precious about wine in general. Let's face it: wine simply doesn't have to come out of a heavy bottle with a cork and a fancy label with a chateau picture on it anymore.


Cans are lighter and easier to transport than bottles. Not only do they fit in your backpack, but also cool down faster and stay cooler for longer. Are you having a party in the park, on the beach, or by the pool and don’t have your cork opener handy? That's not an issue any longer.

Portion control

Booze-conscious consumers are no longer finding themselves burdened with 'having' to drink a full bottle. Wine in a can comes in various sizes and is perfect for single servings. A 200ml can equal a bit over 1.5 glasses of wine, while 375mls contains 2.5 glasses.

If you live alone and are up for a single glass with food on a Wednesday night, or just enjoy chilling on the couch while watching Netflix with a glass in your hand, now you can do so without opening a whole bottle. If thinking of an easy weekday dinner with a friend or a significant other, you can now split a 500ml wine without getting tipsy.

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