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Frequently Asked Questions About Petite Sirah

What's the difference between Petite Sirah and Syrah?

Petite Sirah is by no means a synonym of Syrah (or Shiraz), it's an individual grape variety, considered to be actually a child of Syrah (and a less known grape called Peloursin)

How do I drink Petite Sirah?

A slightly colder temperature of about 65 ºF will enhance its floral and mineral aromas, lifting a much fresher profile. Also, it is a great excuse to use your decanter, as its high tannins will incredibly benefit as they soften after 2-5 hours.

Can I age Petite Sirah?

Coming from typically warm winemaking regions, if the acidity is low and not completely balanced, most mid-shelf wines would be prompt to lose the fruit character after 5-7 years. Some other more serious producers (often coming from Napa and Sonoma valley) have managed to make fantastic wines that can age for many decades.

What's the best Petite Sirah food pairing?

Intense, bold, and full-bodied red wines like Petite Sirah are supported by a great tannic stricture call for equally rich and intense dishes, with tons of fat and weight. Think of barbecue beef, roasted pork, and beef burgers. Also, its smoky flavors pair amazingly with powerful exotic spices. If you think of a rich winter dish with cloves, black pepper, sage, cinnamon, or rosemary, you are on the right path. When it comes to cheeses, an aged Gouda and other aged cheeses are a fantastic choice. Add to the plate some Swiss cheese and Camembert, why not?

How's Petite Sirah vs. Pinot Noir?

These two wines couldn't be more different, and they actually sit on each extreme of the wine spectrum, like day and night. Pinot Noir (13%) is a thin-skinned grape producing wines with a light garnet color, subtle and elegant fresh fruit aroma (cassis, red cherry, raspberry, etc) and subtle floral undertones. On the other hand, Petite Sirah has very thick skins, producing an intense inky opaque color, and has deep dark fruit and spices with a more rustic personality. Pinot Noir tends to be light to medium-bodied in the palate, with moderate alcohol, bright acidity, and low concentration of velvety tannins. In contrast, Petite Sirah is big and structured, with rich mouth-drying tannins, a round, weighty palate and alcohols running on the higher spect (14%)

Information About Petite Sirah

Where is Petite Sirah grown?

Petite Sirah gets along very well with dry and sunny climates. Apart from its now most significant homeland in California, it also grows very well in Riverina and Riverland in Australia, Yakima River Valley in Washington and Israel.

What does Petit Sirah taste like?

Considered to be an excellent blending component, Petit Sirah also makes some tremendous single-variety wines with tons of personality. Due to its thick skin, it has a dense, rich and weighty palate, and generous tannins. It develops a wide range of flavors that go from blackberries, blueberries, plum to black tea, and black pepper. It is also incredibly deep in color, which, along with its high tannins and bright acidity, makes it great for aging potential.
In California, it grows at its best in Mendocino, Sonoma, Napa, Monterey, and San Joaquin County.

Did you know? In the US, it is known as Petite Sirah, while the rest of the world calls it Durif. It gets its name after Dr. Francois Durif, a French scientist who discovered in Rhone, back in 1880.

How does Californian Petit Syrah taste like?

Petite Sirah can make a vast diversity of styles, so it is not uncommon that consumers get confused by its typical characteristics. Overall, Petite Sirah wines are full-flavored firm wines with a robust tannic structure and an unexpected acidity level. When it comes to aromas and flavors, it develops a black fruit character, with layers of pepper, herbs, and even a bouquet of chocolate and licorice. Without a doubt, Petite Sirah has all the characteristics a wine need to age gracefully.

In California, it is produced in different regions such as Lodi and Central Valley, Sonoma Coast and Coastal California, and Napa and the Coastal Ranges.

Lodi and the Central Valley are known to have a warm, dry continental climate, and a fantastic array of old vines that deliver inky and bold wines with moderate acidity. Blackberries jam and black pepper aroma supported by a vanilla undertone coming from oak are expected in this style.
The Coastal areas of California, including Sonoma and Mendocino, are known to have cooler climate, benefited by the ocean fog that regulates the night and morning temperatures, delivering wines with much more acidity and brightness. In this area, earthy and mocha aromas are signature, along with crunchy plum and blackberries. Menthol, chocolate, and lavender also are developed after barrel aging.
When most of Napa folks are focused on delivering amazing Cabs, a small fraction of the local winemakers have committed to producing Petite Sirah single varietal from the valley.
Their signature is a deep and intense color, with notes of blueberries and a touch of acacia flowers. A hint of minerality with notes of crushed rocks and graphite can also be found in this style and bold tannins.
Similar stiles are being crafted in Lake County AVA and the mountain AVA's in Monterey AVA.

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