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Canyon Road Wines Moscato image

Canyon Road Wines Moscato


73aUnited StatesCalifornia

"Canyon road moscato has inviting notes of peaches and honey, followed by lusciously sweet flavors of ripe pears and lemons. The slight liveliness amplifies the

Primo Amore Moscato image

Primo Amore Moscato

$8.95 $11.84

70bItalyItaly » Veneto

"Primo Amore, or first love expreses the joy of discovery experienced when a wine drinker first encounters the sweetness amd enticing fragrance of the delicate

Barefoot Winery Pink Moscato 187ml image

Barefoot Winery Pink Moscato 187ml

$1.49 $1.68

88bUnited StatesCalifornia

"Aromas of Mandarin orange and sweet jasmine crash into each other to create a deliciously sweet sea of pink goodness. Subtle flavors of cherry, raspberry,

Barefoot Winery Moscato 187ml image

Barefoot Winery Moscato 187ml

$1.49 $1.68

88bUnited StatesCalifornia

"Barefoot Moscato is a sweet wine with delicious mouth-watering flavors of juicy peach and apricot. Hints of lemon and orange citrus compliment a crisp, refreshing

Paolo Saracco Moscato d'Asti 2018 image

Paolo Saracco Moscato d'Asti 2018

$13.95 $16.53

70cItalyItaly » Moscato d'Asti

Vinous Media 94 “Luminous pale straw-green with golden tinges. Captivating aromas of orange blossom, lemon verbena, vanilla, sage and ripe grapefruit nectar. Dense, juicy and suave,

Bartenura 'Blue Label' Moscato 2018 image

Bartenura 'Blue Label' Moscato 2018

$10.95 $14.93

41cItalyItaly » Moscato d'Asti

"Italy- Crisp and refreshing. Semi-sweet with lingering pear, tangerine, nectar and melon flavors rounding out the finish. Perfect with dessert or fresh fruit."

Vietti 'Cascinetta' Moscato d'Asti 2018 image

Vietti 'Cascinetta' Moscato d'Asti 2018

$13.95 $18.13

ItalyItaly » Asti

Pale sunshine yellow color and slight frizzante, this Moscato d'Asti has intense aromas of peaches, rose petals and ginger. On the palate it is delicately

Elio Perrone Moscato d'Asti 'Sourgal' 2018 image

Elio Perrone Moscato d'Asti 'Sourgal' 2018

$12.95 $17.07

70dItalyItaly » Moscato d'Asti

"Perrone remains a reference-point producer for Moscato...Chablis-like in its energy, the Sourgal exudes precision and classiness throughout. White peach, orchard fruit and flowers abound in

Rosatello Moscato image

Rosatello Moscato

$7.99 $10.67


“This perfectly sweet white wine romances you with irresistible aromas of oranges and a touch of mint. With each taste, you'll revel in flavors of

Terra d'Oro Winery Moscato image

Terra d'Oro Winery Moscato

$12.95 $16.34

United StatesCalifornia » Amador County

"Terra d'Oro Moscato opens with an elegant bouquet of honeysuckle, orange blossom, litchi, and nectarine. Crisp acidity keeps the mouthfeel rich and balanced, with flavors

Blu Giovello Moscato NV image

Blu Giovello Moscato NV

$8.95 $10.49

70dItalyItaly » Puglia

" Sweet and Luscious, this wine has no additional sugar added. All of the sweetness is from the ripe beautiful Muscat grapes, so it tastes

Santero 'Dile' Blue Moscato NV image

Santero 'Dile' Blue Moscato NV

$10.95 $13.60


This SANTERO BLU MOSCATO Is Elegant on The Pallet Nice a Mellow not to SWEET. Great for That SPECIAL occasions like A Wedding or A Birthday

Mia Dolcea Moscato D'Asti 2017 image

Mia Dolcea Moscato D'Asti 2017

$10.95 $14.56

70cItalyItaly » Moscato d'Asti

"Mia Dolcea Moscato d'Asti comes from the renowned Asti region in Piedmont, a premier growing location in Italy. Mia Dolcea Moscato d'Asti is soft, sweet

Elvio Tintero 'Sori Gramella' Moscato d'Asti 2017 image

Elvio Tintero 'Sori Gramella' Moscato d'Asti 2017

$10.95 $14.40

70eItalyItaly » Piedmont

"Everything you could want in a Moscato, Marco’s is special because it comes from a perfect little micro-terroir for the Moscato grape. Simply delicious." ~

Barefoot Winery Moscato 1.5L image

Barefoot Winery Moscato 1.5L

$9.49 $12.80

100bUnited StatesCalifornia

"Delicious mouth-watering flavors of juicy peach and apricot. Hints of lemon and orange citrus complement a crisp, refreshing finish." ~Winery Notes

Cavit Moscato 2018 image

Cavit Moscato 2018

$6.95 $9.60

70aItalyItaly » Provincia di Pavia IGT

“With delicious notes of apricot, white peach and sage, and a wonderfully refreshing sweetness, it’s a true Italian gem.” ~Winery Notes

Cantina Gabriele Moscato 2018 image

Cantina Gabriele Moscato 2018

$9.95 $12.80

41cItalyItaly » Piedmont

Food matches A perfect accompaniment to desserts, its low alcohol content and mild perlage make it suitable for all the moments when you want the wine

Ruffino Moscato D'Asti image

Ruffino Moscato D'Asti

$10.95 $13.87

70aItalyItaly » Moscato d'Asti

" The bouquet is very fragrant and displays aromas characteristic of the Moscato varietal. Hints of sage and citrus fruit give way to distinct notes

Angove's 'Nine Vines' Moscato 2018 image

Angove's 'Nine Vines' Moscato 2018

$8.95 $10.90

70eAustraliaAustralia » South Australia

“Crisp and fresh bursting with grapey flavours this is a light delightfully sweet slightly fizzy wine made to drink soon after bottling. Perfect as an

Morando Dolce Bianco Moscato - DOCG 2017 image

Morando Dolce Bianco Moscato - DOCG 2017

$9.95 $12.00

70bItalyItaly » Asti

"The most classical sweet wine from the Piedmont. Straw or golden in color, with a wonderful bouquet and taste. Moscato is suitable with all kinds

Rinaldi 'Bug Juice' Moscato d'Asti 2017 image

Rinaldi 'Bug Juice' Moscato d'Asti 2017

$14.95 $17.60

70dItalyItaly » Moscato d'Asti

Azienda Agricola Rinaldi Vini is located on the hills of Alto Monferrato, close to Acqui Terme, in the heart of one of the most precious

Centorri Moscato Di Pavia IGT 2018 image

Centorri Moscato Di Pavia IGT 2018


70eItalyItaly » Lombardy

A refreshing aperitif or perfect with fresh fruit for dessert. An elegant example of what Moscato can and should be. Fresh mineral and peach, bursting

Jacobs Creek Moscato 2018 image

Jacobs Creek Moscato 2018

$4.95 $5.87

70aAustraliaAustralia » South Eastern Australia

“Attractive tropical and white peach aromas with undertones of honeysuckle and lemon. Light and refreshing on the palate. The delicate frizzante style has a balance

Swedish Hill 'Mooscato' Moscato NV image

Swedish Hill 'Mooscato' Moscato NV

$9.95 $11.73

United StatesNew York » Finger Lakes

" This semi-sweet white Moscato has lush scents of peaches and tropical fruits. " ~ Winery notes

Villa Pozzi Moscato image

Villa Pozzi Moscato

$8.95 $11.20

ItalyItaly » Sicily

" Fresh aromas of white and tropical fruits which leave a sweet but never obvious palate. The finish is very clean and pleasant inviting to