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Bolla 'Soave' Soave 1.5L image

Bolla 'Soave' Soave 1.5L

$11.49 $13.87

100eItalyItaly » Veneto

" This wine is pale yellow in color with green nuances and has aromas of melon, ripe apple and pear. Trebbiano di Soave grapes add

Bolla 'Valpolicella' Valpolicella 1.5L image

Bolla 'Valpolicella' Valpolicella 1.5L

$11.49 $13.87

102dItalyItaly » Veneto

"This soft, sumptuous wine has flavors of berries, almonds, raisins and spicey black cherries. This full-flavored wine pairs nicely with beef dishes, grilled meats and

Bolla 'Bardolino' Bardolino 1.5L image

Bolla 'Bardolino' Bardolino 1.5L

$11.49 $13.87

102eItalyItaly » Veneto

"This medium body, dry red wine has lively fresh fruit aromas and a fresh raspberry taste with a pleasant lingering finish. Pairs wonderfully with pizza,

Bolla 'Chianti' Chianti 1.5L image

Bolla 'Chianti' Chianti 1.5L

$11.99 $13.87

102dItalyItaly » Garda Veneto

"This well-balanced fruit foward wine has an intense violet aroma and a , fresh, slightly spicy taste of blackcherry, plum and raspberry. our chianti compliments

Bolla 'Moscato' Moscato 1.5L image

Bolla 'Moscato' Moscato 1.5L

" Lovely straw yellow in color. The bouquet is ample and very intense with a fragrance of sage and ripe fruit. It is soft and

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