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Avia Merlot 2016
“This 100% varietal wine is a beautiful dark ruby red color with violet hues. This smooth wine has nice pleasant tannins giving the wine a softer pleasant mouth feel and finish. The black cherry and raspberry notes are enjoyable nuances.” ~Winery Notes
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Case: $71.40
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Keltis Tramine NV
Single vineyard , 40 years age, steep soil, limestone and clay. 24 hr cold maceration then Into tank, until March after 3 months in barrel. darkish yellow, honied, aromatic but totally dry.
Item Number: 30805

Ferdinand Brutus 2015
Color: deep gold, hint of orange Aroma: complex aromas of dry white fruits, apricot, spice, chamomile Taste: wine with an intense, specific, characteristic fruity taste and tannins  Recommended with: white meat, pork, veal, matured cheeses or on its own for meditation Vinification: selected
Item Number: 32194
Case: $191.70
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