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Kraken Black Spiced 1.75L 94prf Rum
" In the glass, Kraken has a dark, vanilla-like color. Deep, dark, and with a slightly red tint, this rum lives up to its black spiced title wonderfully. It's aroma has a very pronounced vanilla accent, with hints of molasses, chocolate, and coffee. Kraken's alcoholic scent is subtle, almost
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Plantation 'Original Dark' 80p 1.0L Rum
“The essence of Plantation Rum Original Dark is the wealth of its palate and its technique of double aging. Plantation Original Dark comprises the elegant rums of Trinidad which are distilled then aged in their tropical climate in the Caribbean in American oak barrels under high heat before
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Zaya Gran Rsv 12yr 750ml
" Estate produced using only the finest sugar cane and purest water, Zaya is double distilled in small copper pots to achieve greater complexity of flavors. Twelve years of maturation in oak provides Zaya with exceptional depth and smoothness. "~Distillery notes
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