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Craft Cocktails

I can't think of a better way to start off Fall than with a craft cider cocktail. Start with Citizen Cider's Wit's Up which is an Ale inspired cider, and one of the best cocktail ciders I've personally seen. Next, add in some locally produced Olde York Raspberry Black Pepper Cordial and you have a bitter sweet glass of greatness. Sit back and enjoy.

1 Can of Cider and 2 Splashes of Olde York Raspberry Black pepper

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Olde York Farm Raspberry Black Pepper 375ml
Sister product of the Black Raspberry liqueur and also sourced from Montgomery Place Orchards. By using deep red, end of the summer raspberries, this liqueur is a bit sweeter than the Black Raspberry. Stir into a crisp, dry NY cider to welcome fall.
Item Number: 30214
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Citizen Cider ‘Wit’s Up’ Hard Cider 4-16oz Cans
Wit’s up is a classic cider maker’s cider. Drawing on the old and new traditions of cider making, it starts like an ale and finishes like the dry sessionable craft cider that it is. It’s cider for today, it’s cider for what we believe the future of cider to be. Come, enjoy the future with us and
Item Number: 28105
Case: $59.94