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Dynamite Rioja for Under $20

Rioja is quickly becoming as recognizable a wine region as say Napa or Bordeaux. This is where Tempranillo thrives and any fan of Cabernet Sauvignon should dive right into these Spanish gems. Currently there are two styles for Rioja both showcasing incredible possibilities this region offers. There is the "Traditionalist Method", encouraged by French Winemakers, where various varietals are blended together and aged in oak barrels. This method shows balance and structure regionally speaking (think of a well put together Bordeaux). The second is the "Vigneron", Grape Grower and Wine Maker. This method showcases specific varietal from specific terroir with typically no oak used. The idea is present the varietal and location as is. This week we our Hidden Gem Spotlight is combination of these two methods. Frenchman Tom Puyaubert fell in love with Rioja and moved his family there to produce great wine. The family owns and farms 16 Hectares of vines across Rioja. Using natural hands on methods Bodegas Exopto blends together Garnacha and Tempranillo in a way that perfectly represents the varietal and location and traditional winemaking methods.Enjoy!

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Bodegas Exopto 'Bozeto de Exopto' 2015
91  John Gilman 
John Gilman 91+ "The 2015 Bozeto de Exopto from Bodegas Exopto is comprised of a blend of fifty percent Garnacha, forty percent Tempranillo and ten percent Graciano, with the wine raised in French casks of varying age. This is a relatively new project, only started in 2003 by Bordelais winemaker