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Enjoy Pampelonne!

"Enjoy the energy of the South of France year round with Pampelonne, a brand-new premium sparkling French wine cocktail. The Pampelonne portfolio debuts with Rosé Lime, a refreshing 110-calorie blend of French Muscadet wine infused with all natural lime, passion fruit, grapefruit, and sparkling water. With six ingredients, no preservatives and no mystery, the Pampelonne philosophy embodies the simple sophistication of the south of France with the unpretentious ease of a ready-to-drink-can.

Packaged in a sleek Breton striped can, Pampelonne’s design is inspired by the luxurious beaches of the French Riviera and the lighthearted spirit of St. Tropez. By pairing fine French wine with natural ingredients, Pampelonne reinvents the concept of enjoying a premium beverage, making quality sparkling wine a luxury that is both easily accessible and conveniently chic."

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