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This is an archived special

While this is an archived special, we like to keep these lists of wine on our website for you to use as suggestions.

Bolla 2btl Gift Pinot Grigio/Chianti 750ml
2 Bottle 750ml Gift Wooden Box of Pinot Grigio and Chianti
Item Number: 10573
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Jack Daniel's Tenn Honey Glass Gift 750ml
"Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey is one of the most drinkable whiskey-based liqueurs we’ve ever had. It manages to be sweet without stickiness, and it balances that sweetness with a lovely amount of cinnamon and spice. We were very surprised when we find out that this liqueur is 70 proof, as there is
Item Number: 19633
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Jack Daniel's 1.75L GIFT with Pint Glass
89  Wine Enthusiast 
Jack Daniels 1.75 Gift set with pint glassWine Enthusiast 89"Familiar maple syrup color and vanilla and oak flavor, good dose of alcohol burn. Finishes relatively dry, with some vanilla and caramel. Jack and Coke is the classic combo."

Knob Creek Bourbon 100prf 750ml w/2 Glass
"Age: 9 years, Color: Copper to medium amber, Aroma: Toasted nuts, grain oak Taste: Rich, sweet, woody, full-bodied, almost fruity, Finish: Long, rich and glowing Award: National Champion Whiskey The U.S. Governments Dietary Guidelines for Americans defines standard drink servings for beer (12

Laurent Perrier Brut Gift Set
90  Wine Advocate 
Wine Advocate 90Laurent Perrier’s NV Brut is an attractive wine laced with ripe pears, apricots, dried flowers and spices. The soft, caressing style is best enjoyed over the next few years.

Maker's Mark '46' Glass Set 750ml 2 Glass Set 94prf
94  Wine Enthusiast 
Malt Advocate 90 "This is original “red wax” Maker’s Mark that received additional aging in barrels containing internal “seared” French oak staves. The original Maker’s Mark, being a wheated bourbon (instead of rye, which is typically used), is rather mellow and easy-to-drink. The French oak staves

Drambuie w/2 Glass 750ml
"The finest whiskey's, including 15-17 year old malts, are expertly blended, with heather honey and Drambuie's secret recipe of herbs and spices, to create the world's favorite whiskey liqueur."

Sandeman 10yr Old Tawny w/2 Glass Gift Set
Sandeman 10 Years Old Tawny is a vibrant premium aged wine, a balance of ripe fruit with oak aged intensity, which highlights Sandeman´s quality. Selected Portos wines are chosen for ageing in wooden vats and casks, concentrating all their fruit and flavour. The colour matures from deep ruby through

Pyrat XO Reserve 750ml Gift
" This blend of select fifteen year-old Caribbean rums is distinguished by its smooth taste and delicious flavor. Serve Pyrat XO over ice with a twist of lemon or as an ingredient for your favorite premium rum drinks." ~Distillery notes

Old St. Andrews Blended Scotch 50ml Gift Set
Combining Scotland's two greatest inventions - whisky and golf. Premium blended scotch whisky in its iconic barrels make a great gift for golfers. Smooth, mellow, rich but not heavy.1 -50ml bottle ea:10yr, 12yr & 15yr

Baileys 'The Original' Gift Irish Cream Liqueur 750ml
"FOUR STARS SPIRITS JOURNAL, DOUBLE GOLD 2005 SAN FRANCISCO SPIRITS COMPETITION. This is a full body liqueur with minty aromas. Exceptionally rich with a very lengthy, flavorful finish. Gift Set includes two rocks glasses" ~ Distillery notes