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Holiday Wines

Get into the holiday spirit with these themed wine labels!

This is an archived special

While this is an archived special, we like to keep these lists of wine on our website for you to use as suggestions.

Nurnberger Gerstacker 'Christkindl' Gluhwein 1.0L
"The historical Bavarian city of Nurnberg is known the world over for its famous Christkindl Market, and for its traditional drink, Gluhwein, or "Glow Wine". Christkindl Markt Gluhwein is a type of mulled-wine which still today is produced according to old-world tradition.  A delicious combination
Item Number: 23589

Villa Jolanda Spumante Holiday Sparkler NV
" A festive wine deserves a festive package! Villa Jolanda sparkler is made from 100% Prosecco grapes grown in the hills north of Treviso. Grapes are hand-harvested, chilled in the vineyard, and given a low-temperature fermentation in stainless steel tanks to preserve freshness and fruit. The
Item Number: 15160

Adirondack Winery 'Red Carriage' Cranberry NV
" The crisp taste of fresh cranberries is harmoniously blended with the fruity, velvety richness of Chianti in this sweet, plum-red wine. Robust, yet elegant, semi-sweet cranberry flavors make it the perfect companion. " - Winery
Item Number: 23394

Glenora Wine Cellars 'Rudolph's' Riesling NV
" Riesling gives wine lovers the finest example of the important complementary role that sugar and acid play in a wine’s overall balance. Indeed, a great Riesling is exactly that, a stunningly graceful contrast between the two. Rounding out the package are the signature floral fruit characteristics
Item Number: 8287

Shoreacre Wines 'Rejoice' Riesling NV
" This Riesling is light to mediumbody, with a floral, very fruity character and an implicit, if not obvious, sweetness" ~Winery notes

Swedish Hill 'Holiday Series' Santas Blush
" Our Svenska Blush with a special holiday label. This wine is light and fruity wine is a more refreshing alternative to White Zinfandel. " ~ Winery notes